Stake Pool

Committed to prividing the best Cardano Staking experience
at the most competitive rates

Committed to excellence committed to cardano

We are committed to providing the best Cardano Staking experience possible. We will achieve this by providing excellent performance at the most competitive sustainable rates. As Cardano grows, we will grow with it. From Oracles to Hydra Heads and everything in between, we will do whatever we can to give life to the Cardano Protocols. Thank you for choosing Sunshine Stake Pool and allowing us to be a part of this journey.

Great Infrastructure

We will achieve that great performancy by starting with great infrastructure. Our nodes run on enterprize grade VPS hosting services with compute-optimized dedicated hyperthreads from best in class Intel processors. We are currently running 9 total Cardano Nodes on 5 servers spread across 3 continents to ensure 100% uptime and optimal connection to all parts of the network.

Proven Performance

The Sunshine Stake Pool is a verified and award winning ITN Stake Pool! Our delegators experienced great ROS because we made over 96% of the blocks assigned to our pool. On mainnet we will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure we make as many blocks as the protocol will allow! Thank you for Staking with us!

Sunshine stake pool

Sunshine Stake Pools - The best Cardano Staking experience!